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Coast Highway Corridor Traffic Impact Study Update

Oceanside CA— The traffic impact study for the Coast Highway Corridor has been completed and includes three analysis scenarios:

  • No Project: four-lanes throughout the Coast Highway Corridor (maintain existing traffic signals and roadway geometry);
  • Project: two-lanes throughout Coast Highway Corridor (with roundabouts and traffic signals) ;
  • Project with Alternative: two-lanes on Coast Highway between Harbor Drive and Oceanside Boulevard with roundabouts and traffic signals, and four lanes from Oceanside Boulevard to south City limits (no change to roadway geometry and intersection controls south of Oceanside Boulevard);

A parking management plan has also been developed and recommends parking management strategies based on an assessment of existing and future parking demand throughout the corridor.

Environmental Impact Report (EIR) and Incentive Zoning Overlay Program

The technical studies required for the project EIR are nearly completed. In addition to the traffic impact study, the air quality and greenhouse gas emissions, biological resources, cultural resources, noise and vibration, and engineering studies are wrapping up. Additionally, the project team is currently working on the Draft Coast Highway Incentive Overlay District, which is aimed at enhancing existing zoning along the corridor through a combination of land use, design and development criteria and a development incentive program that together will encourage revitalization and ensure high-quality development in the corridor.

The development incentive program would result in public realm improvements from new development projects in exchange for increased residential density. Participation in the development incentive program will be optional. The process for incentivizing public realm improvements going forward may include, but will not be limited to public green space and pocket parks, reformed parking standards, shared off-street parking supply, monetary contributions toward planned parking structures, and corridor street frontage improvements.


One additional community meeting is planned to occur in January 2017 to obtain public comments on the Draft Incentive Overlay Zoning District program. Following this community meeting, the project team will finalize the Draft EIR and release it for a 45-day public review and comments period beginning in early March 2017.

It is anticipated that the project will be presented to the City Council for their consideration in late spring or early summer. The schedule assumes no new direction or extra efforts needed to complete the project, but there’s always a chance something can come up that may push the anticipated completion date.

To learn more about this important project, please view the Oceanside Coast Highway video below: