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Photo: David Wybenga/USPA

Local Skydiving Team Repeats as National Champions

Oceanside CA— Local skydiving team ‘Oceanside FLO’ has won their third consecutive National Championships of Artistic Freeflying. The team took gold last week at the 2016 U.S. Parachute Association National Skydiving Championships at Skydive Arizona, south of Phoenix. The team trains locally at GoJump Oceanside.

The National Championships drew nearly 500 skydivers from across the country vying for medals in five different skydiving disciplines. In artistic freeflying, three-person teams, including two performers and a camera flyer, perform an aerial acrobatic routine, freefalling together in every imaginable orientation, carefully choreographed for speed and excitement.

FLO members are Mike Bohn, 35; Colby McNeil, 27; and videographer Leland Procell, 26. The team represented the United States at the World Parachuting Championships last month at Skydive Chicago, where they placed fourth, barely missing the podium.

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