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Coast Highway Corridor Community Open House-January 17, 2017

Oceanside CA— The community is invited to an open house to review the Development Incentive Overlay (DIO) for the Coast Highway Corridor on January 17, 2017, from 5:30pm-7:30pm.  The Open house will be at the Oceanside Public Library the Community Meeting Rooms, 330 North Coast Hwy, Oceanside. As a member of the Oceanside community and user of Coast Highway, your continued participation is critical to the success of this project.

The DIO is a compilation of voluntary zoning standards intended to streamline the project review process and offer zoning concessions in exchange for public benefits. The DIO will work in concert with the proposed Coast Highway complete street improvements to realize the policy recommendations identified in the adopted 2009 Coast Highway Vision and Strategic Plan. Specifically, the DIO will carry forward policies to incent and guide the redevelopment of underutilized properties and to provide standards that will encourage a more visually appealing and dynamic built environment along the corridor.

The purpose of the open house meeting will be to present an overview of the proposed DIO and its components, including:

  • The streamlined development review process,
  • Zoning concessions for public benefits,
  • Urban and architectural standards,
  • Land use standards, and
  • Parking standards.

The meeting will be an open house format and project representatives will be available to answer questions throughout the duration of the meeting.