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Reminder: Fireworks Prohibited within the City of Oceanside

Oceanside CA— The Oceanside Police and Fire Department want everyone to have a happy and safe New Years. Please remember that fireworks are not allowed within the city. Fireworks pose a safety and fire hazard and are also a noise nuisance for your neighbors.

The use of fireworks is prohibited under Oceanside City Code 11.25. A violation of the city code can result in a ticket, fines, and the possible confiscation of remaining fireworks.The use of dangerous fireworks is also against the California Health and Safety Code and can result in a $500, $1000 fine or up to 1 year in jail.

The use of safe and sane fireworks, legal in the state of California, are still prohibited within the city of Oceanside. Oceanside City Code Sec. 11.25-Fireworks.

The sale, discharge, firing or use of all firecrackers, party poppers, bombs, rockets, torpedoes, roman candles or other fireworks or substances designed and intended for pyrotechnic display, and of all firework pistols/cannons, or other appliances using blank cartridges or caps containing chlorate of potash mixture or other mixtures designed to make an explosive sound, is hereby prohibited within the city.

California Health and Safety Codes:
12686 H&S Use special effects fireworks without a pyrotechnic license
12677 H&S Posses dangerous fireworks with out a permit
12529 H&S Safe and Sane Fireworks Must have Local authority approval