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Feeding the Soul Foundation Ends 2016 with Star-Studded Performance from Jason Mraz

Oceanside CA—  San Diego’s Feeding the Soul Foundation, a non-profit that creates concerts for causes, ended 2016 on a high note with a special performance from Jason Mraz during its annual HoliDAZE Show. Mraz co-hosted the show with Billy Galewood, sang some original holiday songs with Raining Jane, and performed in sketch comedy with comedians Eric Schwartz, MC Flow, and We Are Thomasse.  Other highlights of the night included holiday standards “Santa Baby” and “Blue Christmas” from Jessie Payo, a soulful rendition of “White Christmas” from members of Barnwell Shift, and a parody of Broadway mega-hit “Hamilton” entitled “Alexander Hanukkah.” In the finale, Mraz and Galewood performed as Mannie and Daddy Nobucks singing “I Don’t Need Anything But You” from Annie.  Proceeds from the show benefited the Sean O’ Shea Foundation and its Yoga for Kids with Cancer program.

In 2016 Feeding the Soul Foundation brought its community together to support local non-profits including, Spirit of Sharing, Sean O’ Shea Foundation, Banding Together, Boys & Girls Club of Oceanside, and the Oceanside Moose Lodge’s scholarship fund.  Feeding the Soul Foundation donated more than $16,000 in support of these causes.

“Feeding the Soul’s generosity would not have been possible without the power of the Oceanside community and all of those who attended our shows,” said Vallie Gilley, Founder of Feeding the Soul Foundation. “We are especially grateful to our sponsors Branfman Law Group, Burns & Schaldenbrand, and Knockout Pizza. It’s refreshing to see small businesses supporting local programs and causes.”

Feeding the Soul Foundation has big plans for 2017 and will continue to bring great entertainment to San Diego and give back to its community. For more information, please visit www.feedingthesoulfoundation.org.

About Feeding the Soul Foundation:

The Feeding the Soul Foundation promotes concerts for causes, bringing community together in creative generosity. The foundation promotes local artists, charities and businesses that make a positive difference by creating events that draw attention and opportunity to their talents and intents. Proceeds of each show benefit a different local, national or global charity. Since its formation in March, 2010, the Feeding the Soul Foundation has donated more than $100,000 to organizations that feed the hungry, empower young people through music and art, promote environmental responsibility, and support members of our community with developmental and other disabilities.  http://www.feedingthesoulfoundation.org/

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