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KOCT Journalist Roundtable

KOCT: Journalist Roundtable “Live” Feb. 2

Oceanside CA— Tune to KOCT – Channel 18, Thursday, February 2nd at 6pm to view the exciting new episode of Journalist Roundtable. This episode will showcase four guests:

  • Our first guest will be Irma Cota, President and CEO of North County Health Services. We will discuss the impact that the Affordable Care Act had on health services over the past eight years, and how the probable demise of the ACA might impact the future of national healthcare. We will also discuss the services that North County Health Services provides community health issues and needs in our North County community.
  • Our second guest will be Thomas Arnold, a Columnist for the Seaside Courier and a veteran San Diego Journalist whose written for San Diego Union-Tribune, the North County Times, and other local papers and magazines. We will discuss the results of the recent North San Diego County elections as well as the defeat of the Lilac Hills initiative and SANDAG’s transportation initiative. We will also get his perspective on whether the national political divisiveness is reflected in our North County politics.

Our last two guests will explore the topic: “How does San Diego County Grow?”
San Diego County has a severe housing shortage and projections are that we will not have enough housing for current residents much less for new residents attracted to our region by climate and employment.

  • Nathan Moeder with the London Group will be representing the perspective of housing developers and his perspective on recent land use conflicts.
  • Representing the rural community residents is Sandra Farrell. She believes the County should adhere to their General Plan and acknowledges the need for affordable housing.

The host of this long-running monthly series is Kent Davy, the former Editor for the North County Times. He will be joined by Alison St. John, the KPBS North County Bureau Editor, and joining the Roundtable for the first time, North County Editor for the San Diego Union-Tribune, Melanie Marshall.

Viewers in Oceanside can watch via Cox Cable on KOCT Channel 18, as well as, county-wide on AT&T’s U-Verse service (Channel 99).Stream us live on www.koct.org. Stay in tune with your community by tuning into KOCT-Your Community Channels

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