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Top 5 Pet Heart Healthy Tips

Oceanside CA—  Did you know that February is National Heart Month? Just like humans, pets also have needs when it comes to maintaining cardiovascular health. To ensure your pet has a long and happy life, take note of these top five heart healthy tips.

1. Stay on Top of Symptoms

Notice anything unusual in your pet’s behavior? If your furry friend starts to show symptoms like unusual breathing patterns, coughing, fainting or fluctuation in weight, they could be exhibiting signs of heart disease. Certain breeds of dogs and cats are more prone to diseases like obesity or breathing problems and these factors could affect their heart health. Being aware of these issues from the get-go and treating them quickly is a key way to prevent heart disease.

2. Choose the Right Diet

From wet to dry, raw to enriched, there are a range of different food options to choose from, but it is generally a best practice to select a high-quality pet food with a well-balanced amount of protein and healthy fats. When selecting a pet food, take a moment to review nutritional facts and make sure your pet is getting the recommended number of wholesome ingredients. If you have a question about what food is best for your pet, Kahoots offers a wide selection of premium supplements and foods to keep your pet’s heart healthy, and our knowledgeable staff will help you choose the right food for your pet’s specific needs.

3. Stay Active

Daily exercise is a great way to boost your pet’s heart health! In addition to daily walks, try pushing your pup to join you on runs and hikes. Boosting the intensity and variety of exercise will give your dog a new and exciting experience that is sure to ramp up their heartrate and burn calories. Cats require multiple periods of exercise throughout the day, usually ranging from 10 to 15 minutes. This type of play could be as simple as waving a feather toy or rolling around a ball of yarn. If you are concerned about finding the time to play with your cat while at school or work, try implementing a motorized or battery-powered toy that will keep your furry friend occupied throughout the day.

4. Keep Teeth Clean

While we’re on the topic of proper pet health, it’s important to note that February also happens to be National Pet Dental Health Month! Keeping an eye on plaque build-up and possible gum issues are great ways to prevent heart disease before it starts. Regularly brushing your pet’s teeth in combination with using dental treats and chew bones is an effective way to ensure healthy teeth and healthy hearts.

5. Schedule Regular Vet Visits

As always, checking in with your veterinarian is a great way to keep track of your pet’s heart. From routine check-ups to dietary planning, your veterinarian can provide an array of services and information to better your pet’s heart health.
It’s never too early to start adopting a healthier routine for your pet or animal. Take the time this month to evaluate your pet’s health regimen and do your part to ensure he or she can live the healthiest life possible. For questions about choosing the right supplements, food and products for your pet’s heart health, reach out to the friendly Kahooligans at your neighborhood Kahoots. For a full list of Kahoots locations, visit kahootsfeedandpet.com.