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North County-Based Home Repair Network Helps Homeowners Avoid Contractor Fraud

San Diego County CA— When a plumber told the Oceanside homeowner, a single woman who admittedly is “the un-handiest woman on the planet, and probably the most gullible” that he could not detect the source of a shower leak but that he’d call in “an expert,” she agreed.

In swooped a restoration contractor who ominously declared that this “major issue” would require an extensive remodel of the entire bathroom that had been remodeled only four years ago. The contractor said he’d demo the bathroom she had lovingly remodeled and concoct a story to tell her insurance company after the fact so it would cover the entire project. He aggressively pressured her into signing a contract without pricing, warning her that to avoid catastrophe, the work must start immediately; assuring her – but refusing to put it in writing – that she would not have to pay a dime. He set up the demo for the next day.

Overwhelmed by the fast-talking contractor, she signed several documents. Later, agitated, she recalled that her initial remodel had been performed thanks to an approved contractor she had obtained through Sam Goodwin, owner of HOCOA Home Repair Network San Diego in Carlsbad.

“I called Sam in a panic,” she reports. “He compassionately listened, patiently explained I had three days to cancel the contract – which I immediately did – and connected me with an honest plumber from his network to assess the situation. Knowing the restoration contractor was eager to lie to the insurance company made me realize, with Sam’s input, that he would not be averse to lying to me.”

Goodwin, who owns the local HOCOA the home repair network for the last 10 years, says, “Sadly, this woman’s story is not unusual. In fact, my wife Crystal and I were almost bamboozled years ago when we lived in Virginia. The joy of operating HOCOA is being able to offer a network of meticulously selected and vetted providers who cover everything from interior and exterior repairs to ongoing maintenance such as housecleaning and even occasional services like catering and more.”

“We also offer a free eBook on our website at www.hocoa-ca.com that provides tips to homeowners on how to avoid contractor fraud like the one this renovation guy was trying to do.”

Goodwin says the story has a happy ending. “We sent ECOSTAR Plumbing out to provide a free inspection. Plumber Joe Allen determined that a remodel was totally unnecessary and that the issue could be remedied quickly, easily and inexpensively. The homeowner was ecstatic and so are we.”

HOCOA San Diego offers homeowners throughout San Diego County a plethora of exterior, interior, addition/remodeling, utility and miscellaneous services performed by professionals invited to join the coveted list of approved contractors who adhere to HOCOA’s exceptionally high standards. Free and multiple estimates with just one call.  Call- Get- Save Time & Money, Live and local, no extensions.  Homeowners join the network by paying an affordable monthly or annual membership fee that gives them access to a live and local referral service and a host of other benefits. Best of all, say the many satisfied members such as the happy homeowner, “Sam Goodwin is always just a phone call or text away.”

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