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Constituents Stonewalled by their Congressional Representative in CA 49th District

This week, the people of the 49th district are hosting a public townhall meeting in Vista intended to give Representative Darrell Issa a chance to meet with his constituents. I am disappointed that he refuses to attend but I am not surprised. I can tell you from my own experience calling the Congressman’s office regarding a variety of issues that the answer I hear from staff almost 100% of the time is that they “do not know” where the Congressman stands – the result is that constituents only learn how the Congressman feels about an issue after he votes, and we check the record.  Darrell Issa has signaled quite clearly that he has no interest in meeting in person with the voters, despite his frequent mailings claiming that he seeks to “listen” more. Should he attend the townhall, he will meet everyday citizens, from all walks of life and across the political spectrum, eager to hear their elected representative respond to questions about important issues relevant to the 49th district.
Unlike Mr. Issa, his rival for the congressional seat, US Marine Colonel Doug Applegate, will attend the event and share his views on healthcare, the VA system, women’s issues and a host of other topics of importance to the voters. While Mr. Issa intentionally avoids voters, Col. Applegate engages us. Come next election, voters will choose between two candidates, only one of whom is willing to meet with citizens in person. Let us vote for the one who respects open dialogue with the constituents of the 49th district.

The townhall will be held 2/21, 6 p.m. at the Jim Porter Recreation Center, 1200 Vale Terrace, Vista

—Joanne Geroe

An unpaid taxpayer from CA 49th district

Carlsbad, CA 92009

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