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HM2 Brian Kringle-Sailor of the Year, 1st BN, 1st Marines, 1st Marine with Col. John R. Polidoro, Jr, Congressman Darrell Issa, Joshua Van Orden and Chamber CEO Scott Ashton

Marines, Sailors Honored at the Oceanside Chamber’s Annual Enlisted Recognition Reception

Oceanside CA— Thursday night, thirty-six Marines and Sailors were honored at the Oceanside Chamber of Commerce ‘Annual Enlisted Recognition Reception’ held at the Veterans Association of North County. The Oceanside Chamber’s Military Affairs Committee created the Enlisted Recognition Program in 2001 as a way for the business community to recognize the excellence of the local enlisted personnel.

Col. John R. Polidoro Jr, Commanding Officer, Headquarters and Support Battalion

“This is something special,” said Colonel John R Polidoro, Jr. Commanding Officer, Headquarters and Support Battalion. “I don’t know of many local communities that will take the time and the effort to organize an event to recognize the Marines at a local base. It signifies the absolutely phenomenal relationship that Camp Pendleton has with Oceanside. The recognition we have here tonight is for the enlisted man who really get things done. Who make the Marine Corps work.”

Congressman Darrell Issa

Congressman Darrell Issa, who was the Guest Speaker for the night, said “The greatest fighting forces on Earth are ones where each does the job they need to do but ultimately, the tip of the spear is the young recruit, the young soldier or sailor or Marine. Behind them, a seasoned NCO and usually well behind them, a motivated officer depending on those people to save all of their lives and get the job done. For somebody who has very little military experience, I only did 10 years, I appreciate, especially in the last 16 years, what I’ve been honored to see. Navy corpsmen and brave Marines in Afghanistan and Iraq doing their job in a way that no other fighting force on Earth could do.”

Congressman Darrell Issa and Suzan Simon-2017 Spouse of the Year

Along with the awardees listed below, three finalist for Spouse of the Year; Leigh Thoman, Suzan Simon and Toni Stinson were honored with Suzan Simon announced as the overall winner.

2017 Awardees

Medical Expeditionary Medical Training Institute
  • HM3 Marcus Schofield-Blue Jacket of the Year
  • BU2 Corey Roberts-Sailor of the Year
  • SH1 Quinton Lewis-Sailor of the Year
Communications Co. HQ BN, 1st Marine Division
  • GySgt Dustin Ramirez-SNCO Operational Communications Excellence
3d Assault Amphibian BN
  • Sgt Phillip Offord-NCO of the Quarter
1st BN, 1st Marines, 1st Marine Division
  • HM2 Brian Kringle-Sailor of the Year
  • RP3 Garrett Matthews-Sailor of the Year
  • HM3 Jackson Konchal-Sailor of the Year
  • Cpl Tyler Camp-NCO of the Quarter

Col. John R. Polidoro Jr, Congressman Darrell Issa, Cpl Jackie Madhava-PWYE-Essay Winner, Joshua Van Orden and Chamber CEO Scott Ashton

1st Law Enforcement BN
  • Cpl Jackie Madhava-PWYE Essay Winner
  • Sgt Brianna Robinson-NCO of the Year
  • Sgt Steven Minchew-Marine of the First Quarter
Alpha Co. H&S BN, MCI-West
  • Sgt Christian Cooper-NCO of the Year
  • Sgt Julia Langford-NCO of the Quarter
  • LCpl Carlos Martinez-Marine of the Quarter
  • Sgt Andrew Brewster-NCO of the Year
  • Cpl Korrin Daigle-Marine of the Year
  • HM1 Nicholas Paris-Senior Sailor of the Year
  • HM2 Zachery Simpson-Junior Sailor of the Year
  • HN Robert Thompson-Blue Jacket of the Year
I MEF, Headquarters Group
  • HM1 Melinda Ortiz-Sailor of the Year
  • HM2 Jason Alexander-Sailor of the Year

HQ and BN, Bravo Co
  • Cpl Erik Miguel Ortiz-Marine of the Quarter
  • Cpl Eric Robinson-Marine of the Quarter
H&S BN, School of Infantry-West
  • LCpl Brian Payne-Marine of the Quarter
  • Sgt Alyssa Gordon-Marine of the Year
H&S BN, Medical Section, School of Infantry-West
  • HN Stephen Twum-Marine of the Quarter
Marine Combat Training BN H&I Co, School of Infantry-West
  • Cpl Hunter Lyens-Marine of the Quarter
Combat Instructor School, School of Infantry-West
  • GySgt Mark Koerner-Combat Instructor of the Year

School of Infantry-West
  • Sgt Andrein Mosley-Marine of the Year
Wounded Warrior BN West
  • SSgt Ryan Ratigan-Volunteer of the Year
  • LCpl Martin J Benitez-Marine of the Year
  • Sgt Leslie Ann Graham-Recovering Service Member of the Year
  • HM3 Alun Gilpin-Sailor of the Year
  • SSgt Jeanette Coursey-Section Leader of the Year
Bravo Co Wounded Warrior BN West
  • Sgt Ryand Menendez-NCO of the Year