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Faulty Surge Protector Causes $36,000 Damage at Hydranautics in Oceanside

Oceanside CA— Shortly before 6:30am on February 28, 2017, the Oceanside Fire Department responded to a fire alarm/water flow alarm at Hydranautics, 401 Jones Road.

The first unit arrived on scene in five minutes to find a large commercial building with the workers evacuating.  A maintenance worker for the business led the crew to an area that had smoke coming from a doorway and water flowing on the ground. Upon further investigation, the fire crews found an office full of smoke and sprinkler head activation.

The Fire Captain assessed the situation and called for a full structure fire response due to the size of the building and potential for major damage and property loss. The remainder of the fire was extinguished by fire crews and was deemed under control eleven minutes after the first unit arrival.

The fire was held to only one office and its contents due to the fire sprinkler activation and quick work of the firefighters on scene. The sprinkler system was shut down as soon as the fire was under control to limit the water damage to the building. The remainder of the fire crew’s worked to evacuate the water from the building to limit the water damage.

The cause was determined to be a faulty surge protector under a desk. The damage estimate for the structure and contents is $36,000.

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