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PartyKroo Launches in San Diego

Online business connects party hosts with party helpers who can set-up, serve-up, and clean-up any gathering

San Diego County CAPartyKroo, an online business that connects party hosts with experienced party helpers known as KrooMembers who can set-up, serve-up, and clean-up any gathering, has officially launched in greater San Diego today.

PartyKroo makes hiring party helpers to host any size gathering of family, friends, or business colleagues, easy, affordable, and convenient. With its unique online booking tool, PartyKroo gives party hosts the ability to select the KrooMember who is best suited for their gathering and budget.

Simply input the date and time of your event and, within seconds, PartyKroo’s technology provides the background experience, photos, and hourly rate of all available KrooMembers. Browse, select, “Whether it’s hosting an intimate dinner party or throwing a large office gathering, say goodbye to the days of doing it all yourself.  PartyKroo’s online booking tool and network of experienced and affordable party helpers makes it possible to be a guest at your own party,” said Lisa Gomez, Co-Founder of PartyKroo.