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MiraCosta College Appoints Members to the Measure MM Independent Citizens’ Bond Oversight Committee

Oceanside CA— Thursday night, at the March 9 board meeting, the MiraCosta Community College Board of Trustees appointed members to the Independent Citizens’ Bond Oversight Committee (ICBOC). Thanks to voter approval of the November 2016 bond, Measure MM passed with 62 percent approval and is the first successful bond measure in more than 50 years of MiraCosta College’s history.

Required by law, ICBOC is responsible for overseeing funds raised by the $455 million general obligation bonds designated to modernize aging facilities and upgrade instructional technology within the district.

“There were many qualified candidates making the selection process difficult; however, the independence, experience, educational background, and community involvement of each committee member assures me that the Measure MM bond money will be utilized appropriately and prudently to enhance our facilities and improve the overall student experience. The seven-member committee consists of a representative from a student group, business community, senior citizen organization, taxpayer association, college support organization, as well as two community members at-large,” explains MiraCosta College Board of Trustees President David Broad.

Determined by the oversight committee, members will either serve a one or two-year term in order to ensure continuity. ICBOC members include:

  • Debbie Barnum: Representing the San Diego County Taxpayers Association, Barnum has 25-years of experience as an owner, consultant, and general contractor on major capital projects.
  • Raye E. Clendening: Serving as a member on the MiraCosta College Foundation Board, Clendening is a 35-year resident of the Oceanside community, a retired school administrator and a community college attendee.
  • Richard High: A retired publisher and resident of Oceanside, High serves as one of the two at-large community members on the committee.
  • Ted Owen: A member of the Carlsbad and San Diego Regional Chambers of Commerce and retired Marine Corps Captain, Owen represents the community at-large with focus on local businesses.
  • Lorrine “Lee” Reich: A member of a senior citizens’ organization, Oceanside Campus LIFE, Reich brings her experience as a retired high school teacher and small business owner to the committee.
  • Juana Reyes: Enrolled at MiraCosta and president of the Associated Student Government (ASG), Reyes will represent the student population and work to ensure the bond money is spent according to the comprehensive master plan.
  • Yolanda Silva: As a resident of Carlsbad, Silva works for Hilton Hotel Del Mar and is an active member in the local business community.

At their initial orientation, the Independent Citizens’ Bond Oversight Committee will schedule the first meeting and hold quarterly meetings (or more frequently as needed). Agenda, minutes and other supporting documents are posted on the ICBOC website at miracosta.edu/governance/icboc/.