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Julie Lowen, CEO of Children’s Paradise Preschool and Infant Center and State Assembly-member, Rocky Chavez

Children’s Paradise Celebrates Opening of Oceanside Pre-School and Infant Center

Oceanside CA—   Children’s Paradise Preschool and Infant Centers (“Children’s Paradise”) celebrated the opening last week, of their fourth early childhood development and infant center at 2017-A Mission Avenue, in Oceanside. The other centers are in Vista (2) and Escondido.

The center broke ground in June of 2016, and opened for business last November. Children’s Paradise primarily provides imaginative early childhood educational experiences combined with high quality care to children between the ages of three months and five years old to prepared them for elementary school and beyond.

“It isn’t just ABC’s and 123’s.” said, Lina Esparza, a teacher for three and four-year-old students, “We teach, through play, self-help skills which tie into the social and physiological well-being of the whole child.”

Serving all of Oceanside including Camp Pendleton, the 13,000 square foot early learning center classrooms  feature warm color pallets, natural light, water and sand play areas, a place to relax  along with age appropriate toys and games and even a space for parents to get on the computer and catch up on their email.

A  20,000 square foot outdoor play yard, with separate sections for different age groups include a seed garden, musical instruments, the usual playground equipment and incorporates a water and sand station.  “When the children play with the sand and water, they learn the reaction between the two materials and develop their fine motor skills,” said Riana Garcia.

Founder Julie Lowen, wearing a Miss America style sash given to her by her son, described working with children for her and the staff, as a passion. “We can make a difference in the life of a child. Eighty-percent of children who don’t have high quality early learning, coming from struggling communities, could end up in prison.”

California Assembly member, Rocky Chavez, reiterated her point, “If a child isn’t doing well in grades first through third, you can predict how many prisons you will need to build.” continued the Assemblyman about children grades 0-5, “We are not talking about babysitting. We are talking about early cognitive development of children. We know that in the first five years, that is the time children grow the most in their ability to understand; numbers, colors, how to work with each other, relationships and emotions. You can move so many children forward.”

The Assemblyman presented Ms Lowen with a  certificate from the California State Assembly proclaiming her a champion of children.  “We are fortunate here in Oceanside. Julie is not just a leader here in this community with this effort, she’s a leader in Sacramento. She has testified at a number of committees, before me, on early childhood education and why we need to do this. Julie has gone to Washington DC to carry the message to the Secretary of Education. We have a national leader right here in our midst.”

For more information about Children’s Paradise or to register, please call 760-433-3800 or visit their website-http://www.childrensparadise.com/