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Julian Hard Cider Releases Limited Edition Cidre Brut

Taste of Génépi-aged cider available only at THE US GRANT Hotel

San Diego CA— Julian Hard Cider introduces Cidre Brut – the bubbly brainchild of the local craft cidery and THE US GRANT Hotel. Aged with Génépi, a traditional herbal liqueur, the blend features a fresh apple tang with floral aromatics and a dry finish. The carefully crafted concoction offers an adventurous stand-in for beer and wine lovers and a memorable experience for cider savants.

In 2014, THE US GRANT released a house-made, award-winning Génépi “Americana” using wildflower honey from Orange County and 29 California-based botanicals with a white whiskey base. Once it drained the last drop after two years aging, the hotel approached Julian Hard Cider to collaborate and create aged hard cider using the newly empty Génépi French Oak barrel.

“The flavors we created in Cidre Brut can’t be duplicated. Every ingredient, down to the barrel it’s aged in, is one-of-a-kind,” says Paul Thomas, founder of Julian Hard Cider. “We infused a tremendous amount of love and detail into each bottle and the finished product is unlike anything craft beverage fans have ever tasted.”

The barrel was transported to Julian, California, for Thomas to craft the perfect cider blend to complement the complex liqueur flavors and mature for four months. The final locally-produced product expertly executes Génépi tastes, while keeping craft cider at the forefront.

“When I told Paul that we wanted to make a French-style, dry Génépi-aged cider, I never quite expected this,” says Jeff Josenhans, cicerone and sommelier at THE US GRANT. “I was surprised by how much the Génépi came through in the finished cider and think it complements the liqueur notes beautifully.”

At 7.2 percent alcohol by volume, Cidre Brut has the kick of an IPA, the crispness of hard cider and the refreshing bite of champagne. With only 250 bottles available, the very-limited edition creation is only offered at Grant Grill, THE US GRANT’s signature restaurant and lounge.

For more information about Julian Hard Cider and its fresh-pressed cider blends, visit www.julianhardcider.biz.