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(photo courtesy: Google)

Google and Representative Darrell Issa Host Internet Safety Event at Chavez Middle School

Oceanside CA— Yesterday, Thursday, April 20, 2017, Google and Representative Darrell Issa paid a visit to Chavez Middle School to deliver the Online Safety Roadshow, an online safety assembly developed by Google for middle school students.

Two Google employees delivered the 45-minute presentation, which focuses on five tips for staying safe and being smart online. They covered topics including: thinking before you share, setting strong passwords, using settings, identifying online scams, and being positive online.

(photo courtesy: Google)

Representative Darrell Issa, a technology entrepreneur and Congressional leader on digital privacy, joined to co-host the program. He opened the assembly by expressing the importance of online safety to the students, and competing in the password face-off challenge, where students are asked to come up with the strongest possible password.

“Social media, the internet and connected devices are integrating into our children’s lives much earlier than ever before,” said Congressman Darrell Issa. “And so it’s important that, as parents, we prepare our children for those risks and encourage them to develop good habits on how to stay safe and use these devices more responsibly. The information you share online can go much further, much wider, and have far longer consequences than you ever intended. Collaborations like the Online Safety Roadshow are a great resource to help educate students and parents alike on implementing best privacy practices, setting solid boundaries and helping us all be smarter online.”

(photo courtesy: Google)

“With students having greater access to the Internet through cell phones and other devices, it is important that they learn to use these tools responsibly,” said Catherine Williams, a Google spokesperson. “The Online Safety Roadshow teaches students how to be smart and safe online through a fun and interactive assembly.”

The Online Safety Roadshow is a Google program designed to educate parents and students on how to be more successful and safe online. The presentation is a 45 minute assembly that teaches middle school students how to be smart about the content they share online. It focuses on important skills — how to create a safe and memorable password, identify phishing scams, and more.

For more tips about how to keep yourself and your family safe online, visit: www.google.com/safetycenter

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