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Sara and Terry Chamberlin

Making the Cut: Split Ends Hair Salon Celebrating 9 Years in South O

Oceanside CA— Next month, the mother-daughter team of Terry and Sara Chamberlin will be celebrating their ninth anniversary as owners of Split Ends Hair Studio in South Oceanside.

This is not the first business venture for the duo, “I’ve always had an entrepreneurial spirit so when Sara was getting ready to finish college, I asked her what she wanted to do. We decided to open a coffee shop together.”

They owned and operated the Solana Beach Coffee Company for seven years. “After seven years, our lives were moving forward, especially Sara’s. She got married, had kids not to mention, running the coffee shop was hard work 365 days a year, “explained Terry. “The last two years of us owning the coffee shop, Sara was going to cosmetology school because she’s always wanted to be a hair stylist. We sold the business and I went into semi-retirement, going to work for someone I had worked for previously, while Sara continued to do hair.”

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The entrepreneurial spirit wouldn’t go away for either of them, “When you have been your own boss for a while, it’s hard to go back and work for someone else,” said Terry.

After about nine months, Sara and Terry decided they had enough of working for other people and thought opening a hair studio would be a nice new direction to go.“Sara did all the work. She found the place and she had two friends from high school who worked at the same salon she did. They were unhappy where they were and decided to join us.”

They opened the salon in 2008 at their current location, 607 Vista Way, with three stylists and five chairs. “We grew from there adding a stylist just about every year and we even added a chair,” explained Terry. “We wanted to keep it small, family driven.”

There are two types of salons, a booth rent and a commission salon. “We didn’t want to be either. We wanted to be a hybrid of the two,” said Sara. “We are a booth rent salon meaning all the girls work for themselves but we also work as a team,” continued Sara. “We have a receptionist. Most booth rent salons don’t. You do everything yourself.  We have grown so much through Yelp and social media, we needed some to take calls, make appointments and get new business so the stylists benefit from not having to do all of that.”

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Split Ends doesn’t use a computer system for keeping track of appointments. “We like to keep it “old school”. We use an appointment book and we personally call to confirm appointments. No texts or emails. We like to keep it traditional and personal.”

Continuity is a big factor in their success, “One stylist has been here eight years, a couple others have been here for five,” said Sara. “We are loyal to each other which is really good.”

Split Ends doesn’t just cater to women. “We do men’s hair, kids, perms, updoos. We do whole families,” said Sara.

A side benefit of having your hair done at Split Ends is their cookies. “I’m actually a bakeaholic, explained Terry. “If I don’t bake every two or three days, I start to get jumpy. I bake 300 hundred cookies every Wednesday, four or five different kinds, and our client’s husbands know this. They don’t mind coming here with their wives. They come in, have a cup of coffee, work on their laptops and have some cookies.”

Terry’s cookies are so popular and the demand was so great for her recipes that she had to start a cookie blog which can be found on their website; http://www.splitendshairstudio.com/

You can learn more about Split Ends Hair Salon, Terry, Sara, along with the other stylists and sign up for their newsletter there as well.

To make an appointment call (760)433-6117. Same day appointments are not always available so it’s best to call ahead.

Facebook: www.facebook.com/Splitendshairstudio/

Yelp: www.yelp.com/biz/split-ends-hair-studio-oceanside