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Get Outside, San Diego! Aptly Named Web Tool Highlights San Diego’s 1,100 Parks

San Diego County CA— Looking for new places to hike, fish or play near you? It’s now possible to find any of the 1,100 parks in San Diego County from just one website, with today’s launch of “Get Outside San Diego.” Developed by GreenInfo Network with grant support from the Brutten Family Fund at The San Diego Foundation, the mobile-friendly website serves as a new resource for anyone looking to explore outdoor recreation in San Diego County.

“Get Outside San Diego is the first of its kind,” said Dan Rademacher of the nonprofit GreenInfo Network, the site’s creator. “While search engines and web maps can be useful for finding neighborhood parks, they don’t have accurate park details for the entire county. Get Outside San Diego allows users to search for all San Diego parks in one central location to find the perfect park, preserve or open space. And the ‘Adventures’ feature brings both depth and breadth, with local park experts sharing their favorite spots.”

Through the new web tool, users can:

  • Search for parks anywhere in San Diego County, including state and national parks and preserves
  • Find parks by 20 recreational activities (fishing, hiking, playgrounds, etc.)
  • Browse custom web maps of parks, showing topography, roads and more
  • See high-resolution “birds eye” photo views of most parks
  • Download individual maps for most parks (PDFs)
  • Share favorite parks or discoveries on social media
  • Learn about groups working to protect San Diego’s parks, and find other resources on specific recreational activities

Adventures” will be created by select organizations and influencers in San Diego. For example, the county’s scouting councils (Girls, Boys) could create an “Adventure” listing the best campgrounds, or a popular outdoor adventure blogger could list her favorite trailheads for hikes in certain parks. The first “Adventures” listed include Parks with Year-round Streams, the Mission Trails 5 Peak Challenge, 7 Kid Friendly Parks, and 11 Parks with Mountain Peaks under 2,000 feet. More will be added in the coming months.

The site also offers links to specific recreation websites and to books, such as the new “Afoot and Afield” (Jerry Schad & Scott Turner) and “Coast to Cactus” (Natural History Museum Canyoneers) hiking guides.

Accessed seamlessly from any mobile device or computer, the website was developed by GreenInfo Network, a nonprofit organization that assists public interest organizations in the use of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and related technologies.

Park data is provided by California Protected Areas Database (CPAD).

To learn more or search for parks in San Diego County, visit https://getoutsidesandiego.org/.

About GreenInfo Network
Since 1996, the nonprofit GreenInfo Network has supported more than 700 other public interest organizations and agencies with a wide range of information technology, to enable these groups to better meet their environmental, conservation, public health, social justice and other missions. For more information, visit www.GreenInfo.org.

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