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Open House Meeting on Proposed Habitat Enhancement Project-May 24, 2017

Oceanside CA— The City of Oceanside is seeking community input on a grant-funded habitat enhancement project at Loma Alta Creek near S. Coast Highway. This proposed project is currently in a conceptual phase, and implementation is dependent on securing grant funds for its construction.

An Open House meeting will be held on Wednesday, May 24 from 5:00 – 7:00 p.m. in the Civic Center Library Community Room, located, 330 N. Coast Highway. City staff would like to gain an understanding of the overall level of public interest and learn what features residents would like to see in this project. Come learn about the environmental and community benefits this project may offer, and provide your important feedback to City staff.

The Loma Alta Creek watershed, in Oceanside, has experienced decades of urban development and channelization resulting in degraded water quality and loss of coastal habitat. This project intends to use State Proposition 1 grant funds to enhance the existing estuarine habitat near the coast, and restore some of the historical extent of Loma Alta Creek.

The project objective is to revive the coastal estuary ecosystem of the creek by naturally improving the water quality and expanding habitat while providing community value through education and outdoor recreation.

Key Project Features:

  • Approximately 2 acres of wetland will be created from vacant city owned property.
  • Beautification of the Coast Highway Corridor, outdoor wildlife viewing and ecological benefits.
  • Multi-phase project; Planning/design, construction monitoring and maintenance.
  • Complements planned pedestrian improvements at Buccaneer Park and the Coastal Rail Trail.
  • Improves water quality at Loma Alta Slough and Buccaneer Beach.