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Photo courtesy of Rancho La Puerta

Rancho La Puerta Presents Jazz at the Ranch, August 12-19

Music celebrations continue at Rancho La Puerta during its special Jazz @ The Ranch week, August 12 – 19. During the exclusive week guests can experience wellness through music with high-energy melodies, evening jazz concerts, farm-fresh cuisine, and jazzed-up workouts, as part of their all-inclusive stay.

In the intimate setting of Oak Tree Pavilion at Rancho La Puerta, world-renowned musicians including the William Noll Quintet andVadim Neselovskyi Quintet will pay tribute to the past century of jazz music. This swinging and toe-tapping week includes six concerts with American and Jazz selections from the 1920s – 1950s, a tribute to the past 50 years of jazz and original works that are sure to have a positive effect on the body and spirit. A full program for the evening performances can be found below.

For reservations and information on pricing, guests can email reservations@rancholapuerta.com, call 858-764-5500, or visit www.rancholapuerta.com.

Jazz @ The Ranch – Performance program:

Sunday: All That Jazz

Join William Noll and his trio as he recounts swingin’ hits from the roaring 20’s.

Monday: Breezy Bossa Novas & Hot Salsa

Join William and his quartet for a night of cool and breezy Bossa Novas and hot Latin rhythms.

Tuesday: The Hits of George Gershwin & Duke Ellington
This will be a memorable night of hits penned by two of America’s finest composers—truly, a swinging occasion.

Wednesday: Jazz of the 60s

Miles Davis, John Coltrane…yes, there’s more to the ’60s music scene than San Francisco rock. A diverse and revolutionary time!

Thursday: Jazz of the 70s

A great era! In the 1970s, Latin jazz, Bossa Nova, and Jazz Rock are incandescently popular, led by our featured composers tonight.

Friday: Original Jazz Music of Today

Performed by Vadim Neselovskyi and his band, David Loomis, Ronen Itzik, Aubrey Johnson and Gordon Au.