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Simple Approach Advances Autologous Grafting

Carlsbad CA— One of the challenges in the fields of plastic and reconstructive surgery has been in developing a completely closed system that harvests, prepares and transfers larger volumes of fat. To address this need, Millennium Medical Technologies (MMT), in collaboration with Steven R. Cohen, M.D., F.A.C.S., founder of FACES+ (www.facesplus.com), an internationally recognized surgeon in the areas of craniofacial reconstruction, facial plastic surgery and a pioneer in the application of regenerative medicine for aesthetic breast and body contouring created “Lipo-LoopTM.”   The Lipo-LoopTM system optimizes the fat grafting procedure from tumescence, to harvest, to processing, and delivery. It provides the surgeon with a simple, closed, sterile fat harvest and transfer system that is easy to use.

“The system allows for very rapid sculpting of the human body with a combination of liposuction and fat grafting,” said Dr. Cohen.

Greg Miles, CEO of MMT, said, “Due to recent discoveries and developments in the advancement of regenerative aesthetics, plastic and reconstructive surgery is moving in a way most did not anticipate. Most scientists and surgeons think that in order to drive more predictive clinical outcomes and improve the standard of care, one must develop complex systems and designs to achieve such standards.  At Millennium Medical Technologies, we decided to step outside this paradigm and took a simplistic approach to autologous grafting.  The result, after 2 years of development and clinical research, led us to the development of devices we call AcquiCellTM and LipoLoopTM.”

AcquiCellTM, explained Miles, is a unique mechanical modality for the harvesting of soft tissue and cells.  It allows a surgeon to gently remove adipose and other soft tissues in a manner that is not traumatic or detrimental to the patient or tissue. When coupled with the Lipo-LoopTM system, a physician can seamlessly harvest and redeploy a highly viable fat graft, in a closed system. Once harvested, the fat can be cleaned or used directly by removing the harvesting cannula and replacing it with a specially-defined fat-grafting cannula.

“This delivers fat in a very smooth fashion,” said Dr. Cohen. “And when the device is turned on, the vibratory effects allow for it to glide smoothly through the tissue planes that allows fat to be more uniformly distributed.

Cohen added that the best candidates for Lipo-Loop™ include patients who prefer to use their own tissue for large volume fat grafting such as breast and buttock augmentation and patients who require fat in addition to breast implants to address anatomic variations such as breast asymmetry, chest wall deformities and/or thin breast tissues.  Dr. Cohen additionally commented the system is also appropriate for patients who have secondary deformities from implants such as rippling, implant show and capsular contracture, those with tubular breast deformities; and patient who desire breast lifting, but prefer not to use implants.

“The AcquiCellTM and Lipo-LoopTM systems provides surgeons with the next generation of tools for fat harvesting and transfer,” said Cohen.  “Giving fat to plastic surgeons is like giving clay to a sculptor. We can now graft fat without the unpredictability of results.”

Millennium Medical Technologies is an FDA registered manufacturer committed to providing comprehensive solutions and support for harvesting, isolation, and deployment of PHSA 361 compliant tissue and cells.  It manufactures and distributes devices for liposuction and body shaping, adipose tissue collection, fat grafting, autologous cell isolation and processing, as well as provide device development and clinical support services.