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Rattlesnake Avoidance Training for Dogs Class

Escondido CA— Did you know your dog can be trained to recognize rattlesnakes by sight, sound or scent AND to avoid them? This can possibly help YOU avoid an unfortunate surprise encounter as well.

Uniquely we offer alternatives such as vibrating collars, spray canned air collars and static e-collars. Our professional herpetologist and staff offer what many of our thousands of extremely satisfied clients have claimed is the most humane, comprehensive and effective (R.A.T.) training they have experienced.

Follow the link for information and to register http://www.snakesafedog.com/

Serving the following Counties:
San Luis Obispo~Santa Barbara~Fresno~Ventura~Los Angeles, Orange County~San Bernardino~Riverside~Kern~Inyo

Cost: $125/dog for initial training with us, $90 for annual refresher training if prior training done through Ma & Paw Kennel within the last 12 months.