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Roy White (LtCol Retired) Guest Speaker at September ORWF Luncheon

Oceanside CA— Roy White (LtCol Retired) will be the guest speaker for the Oceanside Republican Women Federated, September 13th luncheon, 11:00am-1:00pm, at the El Camino country Club.

Roy White is a retired Air Force Lieutenant Colonel and a veteran of Desert Storm and Operation Southern Watch.   LtCol White is past Chairman, CEO of Snowball Express, a charity that provides an all-expense paid gathering once a year for children of military fallen heroes that began in Orange County and is now based in Dallas.

Last year they brought nearly 1700 children and surviving spouses for 5 days, 4 nights of all expenses of fun for these children just prior to the Christmas holidays.  His journey into studying Islam began after three rotations with the Air Force to the Middle East and continues today as he heads the local ACT! for America Chapter in San Antonio.  Since the chapter’s inception in May 2013 experts on Islamic ideology, border security, Sharia law, Muslim Brotherhood, World History and Islamic terrorism speak on a monthly basis to the San Antonio public at monthly meetings increasing their knowledge of how to fight back against the spread of Islamic ideology.

Beginning in Oct ’13 he led a group of citizens (Truth in Texas Textbooks Coalition) in the review of social studies textbooks. TTT’s work resulted in discovering over 1500 errors ranging from climate change, revisionist US History, inaccurate portrayal of world religions and many other topics in 32 social studies textbooks. They were able to either change or eliminate 60% of those errors. Experts said this was the most successful textbook review effort anywhere in the US.  Many of these errors relate to a pro-Islamic/anti-Jewish/Christian/western agenda from many of the textbook publishers.

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