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Jill Williams Guest Speaker at Annual Pet Lovers Club Meeting

Adventures of a Pet Portraitist

Oceanside CA— Jill Williams will be the guest speaker at the annual Pet Lovers Club Meeting on Saturday, October 28th at 10:00 am., Ocean Hills Country Club, 4701 Leisure Village Way.

Jill Williams has painted over 500 pet portraits. Come, enjoy seeing her work and learning more about dogs, cats and how to paint their portraits. What are the most popular dog breeds? How many cat owners are there in the United States? Can you name the breed of dog that actually blushes when excited?  These are just a few of the fun facts Jill covers, along with breath-taking images of her work that she will be sharing at the in celebration of National Cat Day at the annual Pet Lovers Club Meeting.

Since Jill will be in the area for her ‘Adventures of a Pet Portraitist’ talk, she is in need of a client willing to order a portrait IN ADVANCE so she present it to them at this event. All she needs is a photo. If you email that photo to her, she can crop it in either a 7 by 9 inch portrait for $66.50. Or a slightly larger version, 10 by 13 inches for $91.50.

Because this event is only a few weeks away, you need to ACT FAST! Download the flyer [Here]

Contact:  jill.williams123@yahoo.com
Website is: www.texturedpetportraits.org

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