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Back row L-R: Greg Snare, Vicki Hamilton, Taylor Tickner, Joni Yribe, Eliane Weidauer, Jillian Calkins, Patric Petrie Seated: Alexandria Miler, Robert Parker, Rachell Dillon. Photo courtesy: OCAF

Oceanside Music 2017 Series Closes with Tears and Laughter

Oceanside CA— OMFest 2017 closed a very successful season with “Down Memory Lane” held in the historic Oceanside First Christian Church.  The audience was treated to music from a variety of styles and eras including a piano jazz improvisation of “As Time Goes By”, songs from “Cats”, “The Sound of Music”, and “The Way We Were” as well as Celtic guitar and fiddle original pieces.

Stories told by the performers about their choices of music brought some tears, and a parody of ‘Memories’ drew laughter.  Audience members agreed that the final concert was the best of the season and look forward to more music events in 2018.

OMFest, a yearly event put on by Oceanside Cultural Arts Foundation, is devoted to supporting local student, avocational and student musicians.  Funds raised from the concerts go toward performing arts scholarships.

For more information about OCAF and its events visit www.ocaf.onfo


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