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December 6 Oceanside City Council Meeting Brief

Mayor Jim Wood Returns to Seat on City Council

Oceanside CA— Oceanside Mayor Jim Wood quietly returned to his seat on the City Council for the first time since he was granted a sixty-day extension to his medical leave on October 4, 2017. That extension took effect November 1, 2017. The Mayor won re-election in November 2016 and took a medical leave on May 22, 2017 after suffering a stroke. The Mayor who sometimes required assistance with tasks during the meeting and was somewhat difficult to understand did speak briefly thanking the public and city council for their support.

OPD Chief Frank McCoy speaks with Mayor Wood prior to the meeting on Wednesday

City council unanimously adopted an ordinance amending Chapter 29 of the Oceanside City Code establishing wastewater user rate increases and amending Chapter 37 of the Oceanside City Code  establishing water user rate and external water provider charge increases along with amending Chapter 13 of the Oceanside City Code establishing City waste services increases.


In a 3-2 vote council adopted a resolution upholding Planning Commission Resolution No. 2017-P16 approving Regular Coastal Permit RC16-00014 for the remodel of, and addition to, an existing single-family resident at 1709 South Pacific Street situated in the South Oceanside. Mayor Jim Wood, Council-members Jerry Kern and Jack Feller with yes votes. Deputy-Mayor Chuck Lowery and Council-member Esther Sanchez voted no. However, Deputy-Mayor Lowery said he made a mistake in his vote and intended to vote yes on the resolution. Another item had been discussed prior to the Deputy Mayors announcement and by rule, it was too late to change it so the 3-2 tally remained the vote of record.