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Online Survey: Local Coastal Program Update

Oceanside CA— With funding support from the California Coastal Commission and the California Coastal Conservancy, the City of Oceanside has initiated a comprehensive update of its Local Coastal Program (LCP).  Originally adopted and certified in 1986, the City’s LCP defines the City’s coastal zone and provides policy guidance on a number of concerns, including coastal access, recreational and visitor-serving uses, visual resources, and shoreline protection.  The LCP Update will include policies that respond to current conditions within the City’s coastal zone, which generally extends to the inland side of Coast Highway and further inland along the City’s coastal watersheds (e.g., San Luis Rey River, Loma Alta Creek, Buena Vista Creek and Lagoon).  A key component of the LCP Update will be assessment of, and adaptation to, the anticipated impacts of sea level rise and associated coastal hazards.

A survey has been posted to the project webpage for the LCP Update.  Open to all members of the public, the survey seeks input on sea level rise impacts, commercial uses within the City’s coastal zone, progress in implementing the City’s existing LCP, and both present and future challenges facing the City’s coastal zone in the years ahead.  The survey can be accessed at http://www.ci.oceanside.ca.us/gov/dev/planning/local_coastal.asp.  The survey will remain open through January 2018.

As the LCP Update unfolds over the next 18 to 24 months, the project team intends to post additional surveys seeking more focused and detailed input from stakeholders.  Interested parties are encouraged to visit the project webpage periodically for updated information.

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