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Small Business Leaders Join Forces for the Good of San Diego

San Diego CA— January 11, 2018 – Local small business leaders announced on Thursday that they formed into a local nonprofit with a mission to unite small business owners in driving policy that improves San Diego’s communities. The organization also announced its new issues-based website featuring its new brand.

Business For Good San Diego – previously operating as the San Diego chapter of Main Street Alliance – is comprised of home-grown local business owners focused on issues unique to this region and led by a board of directors. The more than 200 small business members say that good policy — the fundamental principles that guide the region’s governments — intersects with a small business’s bottom line, the livelihood of its employees, and the health of its communities.

“When we use our collective voices to influence San Diego policy, it’s good for the entire county,” says Mikey Knab, director of operations at Ponce’s Mexican Restaurant and chairman of Business For Good’s board of directors. The issue areas that Business For Good has chosen are immigration, government transparency, small business investment, homelessness and environmental health.

Many Business For Good members were a part of Main Street Alliance, which brought the small business movement to San Diego under its national directives. Last year, the all-volunteer business owners then formalized their efforts under a distinct name to focus their work locally. The organization is still led by Karim Bouris, who is now the executive director.

“We’re focused on key issues that affect the bottom line of our San Diego businesses and the well-being of their customers and their community,” says Bouris. “We invite other small business leaders who want to speak up on these issues to join one of our upcoming meetings. We provide education on policy and access to decisions makers so that our time invested truly makes a positive impact in our city.”

In addition to its January 17 seminar about new laws affecting small businesses in 2018, the organization also hosts monthly general meetings and campaign-specific meetings that can be referenced on its new online calendar.

“As the voice of small business in San Diego, we drive policy to make our communities better every day,” says Bouris. “For example, our leaders asked the mayor to recommend that San Diego City Council move forward on developing a business plan to bring Community Choice Energy to our residents. We will see this through because our city’s betterment is a long-term commitment.”

To get in touch with Business For Good, reach out to Karim Bouris at Info@BusinessForGoodSD.com.