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(Photo courtesy: Tri City Med Center)

‘Lucky 13’ Ready for Today’s Carlsbad Marathon-Half Marathon

Carlsbad CA— Each year, 13 “lucky” individuals that have or are currently overcoming health challenges throughout San Diego’s North County are selected to train with experts at Tri-City Wellness Center in preparation for the Tri-City Medical Center, 13.1 mile, Carlsbad Half Marathon.

This special group known as the Tri-City Medical Center Lucky 13 began in 2014 and was created in hopes to inspire, encourage those facing health obstacles and show them that they can take on something as challenging as the Carlsbad Half Marathon no matter their situation.

The 2017-18 group ranges in age from 34-69 years-old with all undergoing supervised strength training while learning about hydration, stretching and even how to select the right shoe.

Highlights of some of the Lucky 13 Members:

Oceanside residents
Lisa, Carol, Joe and Celine
(Photo courtesy: Tri City Wellness Center)

Joe McAndrew, 60: Joe McAndrew was on track to hike Mt. Whitney when he was diagnosed with prostate cancer four years ago. His treatment was successful but the physical and mental toll made him lose sight of his healthy habits. Then he lost his job when his company underwent a workforce reduction. Joe says, “There are always choices when unfortunate things happen, you can sit around and feel sorry for yourself or you can take positive action.” Joe took positive action! He joined the Wellness Center in April 2017 determined to get physically and mentally fit. Joe is a vocal and emotional leader and he is thrilled to be part of the Lucky 13!

Celine Showman, 42: On December 14th, 2007 Oceanside resident Celine Showman suffered from major cardiac arrest that sent her into an immediate coma. To save her life, doctors at Tri-City Medical Center put her in a frozen state for 20 hours—the first-ever therapeutic hypothermia treatment to be done at Tri-City. Now, 10 years later despite many heart-related setbacks, Showman is preserving a healthy lifestyle and has become an advocate for heart health in the Oceanside community.

Carol Howard, 68: Carol was shocked when she was diagnosed with diabetes. She used this as a wake-up call to take control of her health. She knew this transition would be difficult since she also deals with asthma and dysthymia but she is accepting the challenge head on! Carol was inspired by her friend, Luanne, who was in the Lucky 13 last year. Carol is quiet and reserved but her leadership shines brightly by her consistency and hard work.

Lisa Soto, 54: After Lisa’s husband suffered a heart attack at a young age, she realized health is not something she could afford to take for granted. While caring for her husband during his recovery, Lisa slipped into a sedentary lifestyle. Plus, working on a computer all day led to Lisa having osteoporosis and low energy. This kindhearted caretaker says, “One family member’s health struggle can have an adverse effect on the entire family’s health.” Lisa is determined to be as healthy as possible so she and her entire family can enjoy life to the fullest.

To learn more about the rest of the ‘Lucky 13’ 2017-18 edition, visit the Tri-City Medical Center websiteHere