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MiraCosta College Offers Course on Climate Change

Oceanside CA— In collaboration with Scripps Institution of Oceanography and the University of California, MiraCosta College is excited to offer physical science (PHSN) 108 during the spring 2018 semester starting on January 22. As the only community college in the state to offer this curriculum, MiraCosta’s PHSN 108 explores the principles underlying the interdisciplinary and rapidly growing field of climate science and climate change. Topics include the Earth’s climate system and climate history, the physics and chemistry of greenhouse gases, and evidence for climate change. The course investigates human influences on the climate system, including greenhouse gas emissions and potential impacts of climate change. It also considers various possible responses to climate change, including alternative energy production, policy responses, and adaptation.

PHSN 108 will uphold a “flipped” classroom approach where students read and watch lecture videos outside of class and utilize their time in class for small-group discussions. In PHSN 108 students will view lectures from leading UC researchers and then apply the information learned to engage in a discussion and collaborate on a group project.

“I’ve been following climate change since the early 1990s, and took a sabbatical in 1993-94 to study both policy and scientific aspects of global warming,” explains Jonathan Cole, full time faculty in the physical science department at MiraCosta College. “I’ve also realized that students are hungry for more information about what they can do to help address the challenges of global warming.”

Along with MiraCosta College, the first offering of the course will begin this semester at University of California San Diego and five other UC campuses.

A bargain at just $46 per unit for California residents, current and interested students can enroll in physical science 108 and other courses at MiraCosta College by calling 760.795.6620 or visit www.miracosta.edu.  Financial aid and scholarships are also available.