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Capt. Sean Marchand, Sgt. McKean 2017 OPD Officer of the Year and Chief McCoy

14th Annual Oceanside Police Department Member Recognition Luncheon

The annual luncheon combines the yearly awards with the department’s fourth quarter awards.

Administration Division Employee of the 4th Quarter, 2017

Tory Havellana-Senior Office Specialist

Tory Havellana and Chief McCoy

Tory Havellana is responsible for the department’s payroll and recently has been tasked with additional responsibilities within accounts payable including centralizing purchasing activities. This has required her to enhance her knowledge of the purchasing processes.

Investigations Division’s Employee of the 4th Quarter, 2017

Patty Flores- Senior Office Specialist

Captain Adam Knowland, Patty Flores and Chief McCoy

Patty Flores, currently assigned to the Special Enforcement section, has earned a reputation for her efficiency and thoroughness. Shortly after being hired, she completely overhauled the filing system and created a new tracking database. Aside from her regular duties, she also provides assistance to the General Investigations section. She is a valuable asset to the overall mission and operation of the Investigations division.

Field Operations Division Employee of the Fourth Quarter, 2017

Officer Teddy Weise

Captain Sean Marchand, Officer Teddy Weise and Chief McCoy

On December 20, 2017, Officer Weise performed a traffic stop on a vehicle for an equipment violation. Prior to initiating this traffic stop, he had determined the registered owner of the car was a subject with numerous drug related arrests. Upon performing the traffic stop, Officer Weise found that the driver was actually another subject, who was also a criminal drug offender. he noticed, in plain sight, a broken meth pipe and a scale on the floorboard and began an investigation into possible drug related activities.

A pat down of the two occupants of the vehicle revealed drug paraphernalia in their possession and indicia of drug possession for sales. Ultimately a search of the vehicle and its occupants yielded a small amount of heroin, four ounces of methamphetamine, drug packaging and scales. Both occupants were arrested for possession of drugs for sales.

Officer Weise continued your investigation by seizing the cell phones of both subjects and writing the search warrant to examine the contents of those phones. The results of this search were shared with Narcotics Detectives in the Special Enforcement Section in furtherance of this and other related investigations.

Officer Weise built a case from a traffic stop for an equipment violation, into a detention for potential illegal drug offenses that culminated with two drug offenders arrested for a possession of drugs for sales. This investigation is just one example of the relentless follow through Officer Weise exhibits on a regular basis.

Officer Weise has developed a penchant for writing search warrants on cell phones. This is a skill that he have shared with his fellow Officers by providing briefing training on this topic and assisting several of them in writing their own search warrants.

His persistence and determination in this investigation is a testament to his work ethic and relentless follow through in combating crime.

Senior Volunteer Patrol of the Fourth Quarter

David and DeAnn Edwards

Capt. Marchand, David and DeAnn Edwards with Chief McCoy

David and DeAnn Edwards joined the Senior Volunteer Patrol team in September 2013 with a combined 613 of service hours in 2017. They treat everyone they meet with respect and compassion while going above and beyond in their service to their community. They  both take their position as SVPP members seriously, treating everyone you contact with respect and compassion. These qualities were evident with your nomination for this award by a fellow SVPP member.

Late last year, they visited a YANA (You Are Not Alone) resident who is legally blind and who relies on a meal replacement drink to supplement his meals. The gentleman was used to getting it in cans but, unbeknownst to him, the drinks were delivered in juice box type containers. He used a knife to break down the package and several of the drinks were punctured in the process resulting in a big mess which he was unaware of due to his visual impairment. Upon your arrival, you saw what had happened and took the time to not only visit with this gentleman but to scrub and clean his floor. Your fellow SVPP members felt you definitely went above and beyond.

Harbor Volunteer of the Fourth Quarter

Don Rodgers

Capt. Knowland, Don Rodgers and Chief McCoy

Don Rodgers joined the Harbor Volunteers in September 2014. In 2017, he volunteered over 350 hours of his time plus spending countless additional hours working on projects for the Harbor Volunteer Patrol.

Team of the Fourth Quarter

Sgt. Karen Ortega, Detectives Steve Stracke, Joe Torres, Brandon Baird, Ron Nevares, Todd Ringrose, Jon Boone and Field Evidence Technician Tiara Coulter

The Family Protection Unit is being recognized as Team of the Fourth Quarter because of all the victims in the community you help and yet are never talked about. FPU Detectives investigate all sorts of crimes in the area of domestic violence, elder abuse, stalking, child abuse, child molestation, child pornography; as well as monitoring the activities of all registered sex offenders in our city.
These victims and the crimes committed against them are rarely talked about because they are so horrendous and unbelievable. No one wants to hear the details of a child molest or an elder abuse case. Most people can’t fathom this type of victimization because it seems so unreal, but it happens. Every day, all of you come to work to help victims of unthinkable crimes. In 2017 you have investigated over 600 cases and made 66 arrests spanning from domestic violence, stalking, 664/187, kidnapping, sex crimes, elder and child abuse and 290 violators. In the fourth quarter alone FPU has investigated over 63 cases within the City of Oceanside.
The victims in these types of crimes are often traumatized and it takes extreme care and compassion to help them from the initial investigation to the final court proceedings. I would like to thank each and every one of you for the service you provide to our community and most importantly to the victims. You are truly unsung heroes each and every day and for this reason, it is with great pleasure that I have selected you as Team of the Fourth Quarter.
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