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Capt. Sean Marchand, Sgt. McKean 2017 OPD Officer of the Year and Chief McCoy

14th Annual Oceanside Police Department Member Recognition Luncheon

Officer Tony Zeppetella Memorial Award

Officer Craig Marshall

Officer Craig Marshall with Jakob and Jamie Zeppetella

Officer Tony Zeppetella was slain in the line of duty June 13, 2003, during a traffic stop on a gang member armed with a handgun that was illegal for him to possess. Officer Zeppetella was on the job for thirteen months when this tragedy happened and he left a lasting impression on the Oceanside Police Department. Tony was known for his high ideals, strong moral fiber and commitment to the safety of the citizens of Oceanside.

To honor the memory of Officer Zeppetella, the Oceanside Police Department created an award for the Officer that recovers the most illegal firearms in a calendar year. Officer Craig Marshall recovered eleven illegal weapons in 2017.

Explorer of the Year

Explorer Lt. Tanner Epp

Capt. Marchand, Explorer Lt. Tanner Epp and Chief McCoy

Explorer Lt. Tanner Epp has been a part of the department since 2016. He has risen to the rank of Lieutenant, the first of his Explorer Post, 285 to reach that achievement. In 2017 Tanner attended all scheduled Explorer Post meetings, attended 17 events, participated in 12 ride-alongs with a total volunteer time of over 200 hours. He has developed a reputation for dependability completing tasks quickly with minimal direction.

Senior Volunteer of the Year

Tom Carroll

Tom Carroll and Chief McCoy

Tom Carroll has served on the Senior Volunteer Patrol since September 2013. He has earned the reputation of going the extra mile. His commitment and passion for service are evident from his actions.

Volunteer of the Year

Don Rodgers

Captain Knowland, Don Rodgers and Chief McCoy

Along with Volunteer of the 4th quarter, Don Rodgers is Volunteer of the year, 2017. He took over recruiting duties when three volunteers unexpectedly retired. The need for an enhanced recruiting campaign became a priority. He quickly realized he needed to make contact with the public on a mass scale. He took it upon himself to prepare a press release to attract volunteers. As a result, the volunteer program saw a significant increase in the number of applications submitted. He was able to hire three new members in a short period of time. He has proven himself to be an outstanding member of the organization.

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