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Capt. Sean Marchand, Sgt. McKean 2017 OPD Officer of the Year and Chief McCoy

14th Annual Oceanside Police Department Member Recognition Luncheon

Professional Staff Member of the Year

Janet Janus-Dispatcher

Capt. Marchand, Janet Janus and Chief McCoy

Janet Janus is a public safety dispatcher and has proven time and time again her value as a member of the department and as a member of the department’s communications center. She always performs her duties professionally and with integrity.

Police Officer of the Year

Sergeant John McKean

Capt. Marchand, Sgt. McKean and Chief McCoy

Sergeant John McKean joined the Oceanside Police Department on July 18, 2000 as a Reserve Police Officer. After a career in the Marine Corps, Sgt. McKean was hired as a full-time Officer in 2003. After working assignments in Patrol, Gang Suppression Unit and the Special Enforcement Section, he received his promotion to Sergeant in July of 2016. Shortly after, he was assigned to supervise the Property Crimes Unit. He implemented a system that would greatly manage case loads, enhance customer service and increase productivity within the unit. Within the course of a few months, he decreased the case load assigned to each Detective from 45 to 25. He also implemented a system to provide immediate feedback for any victim to check on the status of unsigned cases and doubled the number of search and arrest warrants obtained by its staff.

Sergeant McKean was creative in securing the resources of UC Davis to process canine DNA recovered during an investigation that lead to the arrest of a suspect on multiple animal abuse charges [link]. Sergeant McKean was involved in a case where a Oceanside residents made over 100,000 threatening phone calls to a call enter at a college in Georgia. The suspect threatened to commit mass shootings and bombings on campus. Sergeant McKean’s assistance led to the arrest of the suspect much to the relief to all the victims the suspect had terrorized. Sergeant McKean’s assistance led to the arrest of two suspects in a multi-state string of burglaries. Follow-up searches led to the recovery of most of the stolen items which were returned to the rightful owners. Sergeant McKean has outstanding police instincts and is a great leader in the organization.