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Notes and Quotes-February 17, 2018

Predictability On This One is Easy

By Tom Morrow

I can predict the future over the next few months until Election Day:

  1. What’s left of 2019, Congress will diddle around over a number of issues, accomplishing nothing.
  2. The DACA (Dreamers) issue will be dangling right up to November.
  3. Since giving away the farm (income tax cut), the Republicans stutter and stammer around trying to figure out how to pay for infrastructure.
  4. The Democrats figure if they can obstruct the Republicans and President Trump until Election Day, they’ll secure more of the Hispanic voters over immigration and Dreamers issues.
  5. “The Wall” has become an empty issue and won’t be built much further.
  6. In the Election, Democrats will take back the House and probably the Senate.
  7. Impeachment procedures will be put in place against Trump by Democrats.
  8. After the Election, if the Dems are successful, nothing Trump proposes will be considered, plus he’ll veto everything Congress sends to him.
  9. Toll roads and .25-cent gas tax to pay for infrastructure won’t work. Toll bridges? That only works in Oceanside, California.
  10. Love him or hate him, Trump will continue to be a political lightning rod.

But, then again … I could be wrong.

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