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Nonprofits Oceanside-based TERI and Crimson Center for Speech and Language Pathology Merge

Oceanside CA— Two San Diego-based nonprofit organizations serving people with disabilities, TERI Inc. and Crimson Center for Speech & Language Pathology, formally announced on Thursday, their September 2017 merger. The Crimson Center is now a TERI program: “TERI Crimson Center for Speech & Language.” The merger creates the opportunity for the program to expand services, develop innovative projects, host workshops, and further enhance therapeutic services.

Since 2009, the Crimson Center has provided clinical supervision at TERI’s Learning Academy and The Country School, delivering speech and language support to TERI’s nonpublic K-12 students. Over the eight years of collaboration, the two organizations discovered how closely aligned their philosophy of working with families and people with intellectual/developmental disabilities was—and both envisioned how all would benefit from a formal merger.

Crimson Center founder, Karyn Lewis Searcy, remains the clinical director of the program and continues to lead her team of therapists, ensuring continuity and quality of care. In addition to the TERI Crimson Center Miramar location, TERI Crimson is adding Speech and Language Pathologists (SLP) in Oceanside and San Marcos nonpublic schools.

“After nearly 15 years of developing and managing Crimson Center, I am excited to merge with TERI, Inc. We recognize that TERI’s philosophy of teaching and treatment closely aligns with ours,” said TERI Crimson Director Karyn Searcy, CCC-SLP. “TERI’s ‘adoption’ of Crimson supports the high quality of family-focused treatment we have always provided, and will allow us to expand our current programs.”

Speech and language services at TERI nonpublic schools are funded by the student’s home school district. The merger expands TERI’s current clinical services to include speech and language therapy funded through insurance or private pay, either in home or in a clinical setting, and includes children and adults.

“TERI taking on the Crimson Center affords both organizations new resources for our clients and families, as well as revenue growth that goes back into our programs and mission to model the highest standard of quality care, innovation and sustainability in every way,” said TERI CEO Cheryl Kilmer. “We also can reach new and untapped markets.”

TERI has been so successful in helping adults and children with intellectual and developmental disabilities because it delivers comprehensive lifespan support, allowing for ongoing collaboration between all professionals involved with an individual.

For more information about the TERI Crimson Center for Speech & Language visit https://www.teriinc.org/programs/crimsontherapies/

About TERI Inc.

TERI Inc. is a nonprofit organization founded in 1980, is changing the way the world sees and empowers people with special needs. TERI specializes in setting quality standards for individuals of all ages with a wide range of developmental and learning disabilities, and supporting their families. TERI serves over 800 clients in Southern California with more than 19 programs based at its main campus in Oceanside, California, as well as in residential homes throughout the area. The organization’s more than 450 dedicated staff members provide educational, social, and vocational opportunities in a positive, supportive environment. TERI has been nationally and internationally recognized as a leader for its successful and innovative model programming and training. For more information, please visit: www.teriinc.org.