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Brad A. Solley, Brad A. Pelletier, Jace Mullen and Oceanside Motorsports owner, Neil Daly

Giving Back to the Community at Oceanside Motorsports

Oceanside CA— During an event on Saturday, March 3, 2018, and continuing throughout the month, the people at Oceanside Motorsports(OMS), 343 Airport Rd, are giving away $16,000 in oil changes to 100 veterans, active duty service members, and first-responders as their way of giving back to the local community.

“We did this once before on Veterans Day and had such a good time with it, we wanted to schedule something again to give back,” said Neil Daly, owner of OMS. “We realized with the busy schedule that active duty service members and first-responders are dealing with, a lot of them are past due on their oil service. This was a good way for us to make it easy for them to get in here for a service they usually don’t have time for,” continued Neil, “We have a service, not just for this event, where we will pick up and deliver a car on base [Camp Pendleton] so they don’t even have to leave their job to get their car serviced. We don’t charge anything extra for that. We are always trying to find ways to make it easier for active duty people to get their vehicle serviced.”

Spencer Wright checks out the
air filter specs on a Toyota

Neil founded Oceanside Motorsports eight years ago “We built this from the ground up and two years ago, we opened a second location, Lifetime Automotive, and that’s when we expanded to working on every make and model of vehicle. We brought out our lifetime warranty about five years ago so most of our repairs have a lifetime warranty on them. We really try to take our customer service to the next level.” Neil continued, “We have 10 employees who are really good guys. We hire people who just have a great attitude and drive and teach them the skills they need to work here. We have a great family of employees. We treat them great and they treat our customers better.”

“An event like this is good. Sometimes an oil change or any kind of maintenance can be costly, especially when it isn’t covered under warranty anymore,” said Ricky Blas, an Army veteran, while waiting for his wife’s car to be serviced. “My wife, who is also a veteran, found out about this through social media. We always appreciate things people do for vets. Sometimes we feel forgotten. Events like this make us feel remembered and wanted in the community.”

Jace Mullen, Founder, and CEO of Prosperity Consulting put everything together for the event. “We signed OMS about three months ago and Neil wanted to do a veteran outreach program. He hired us to not only coordinate the event but to do all of the marketing and social media as well. We also helped sponsor the event and paid for the catering,” said Jace who is also a former Marine. “I met Neil about four-and-a-half years ago when I was in the Marine Corps and had a car I could barely afford to service at the time. He was always there for vets so it was a pretty cool opportunity to work closely with him in putting this together and having the financing to pay for BAPS! catering. Their original quote was much higher than what we paid in the end. They were able to sponsor the event as well, so to speak and give us a discount once they heard what the event was about. Their chef, also a former Marine, was pretty adamant about making it affordable for 100 people.”

Brad A. Pelletier and Brad A. Solley,
owners of BAPS! prepare

People waiting for their vehicles were served a large breakfast of French Toast, bacon, fruit and more prepared by BAPS! Catering, a regular at the Sunset Market on Thursday nights in downtown Oceanside. BAPS! is owned by Brad A. Solley and Brad A. Pelletier.

Neil Daly wants to expand the free oil service in the near future. “We will do another event but for the teaching community. More than anything, I am just stoked to meet a whole group of new people. This is a day to give back to a community that I feel we can help and it’s great meeting so many people that didn’t know we were here before.”

To learn more about Oceanside Motorsports, visit their website: http://oceansidemotorsports.com/
To learn more about Prosperity Consulting, contact: Jace.Mullen@ProsperityConsulting.info
And to learn more about BAPS!, visit their website: http://bapsrestaurant.com/