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Steve “Captain” Kirk Gathers Geeks from Across the Galaxy to Launch a San Diego Fandom Convention

InterGalactiCon: A Convention that Doesn’t Bow to the Dark Side

Former leader of global hacker convention leads a rebel fandom convention, made by fans, for fans
Captain Kirk and his Guardian Council launch the first InterGalactiCon in San Diego on June 15

San Diego CA— A warlock from France, a Jedi from New Mexico, a level 87 Paladin from Pennsylvania and a dozen others all wait for Steve “Captain” Kirk to begin the meeting with the ignition of his lightsaber. Kirk, a former chief of operations for the world’s largest hacker conference, has gathered this international Guardian Council of fandom die-hards to stage the first battle in a galaxy-wide rebellion: the inaugural InterGalactiCon, a San Diego fandom convention on June 16. 

“For us nerds, there’s nothing better than freeing your fandom, being your true self with people that love what you’re into as much as you do. But a long, long time ago… places to nerd out began to fall to the dark side,” says Kirk. “InterGalactiCon reclaims our freedom to geek out how we want. A con that’s created by fans, for fans. Exhibitors and speakers are chosen by fans. Experiences are designed by fans. And, of course, we’re staffed by fans. This is about building our community.”

Kirk says that while he loves the big cons, many of the larger conventions have become dominated by Hollywood. Fans’ expectations get set high, but then are locked out of events, panels, and all the fun — the way the Empire tried to crush the Rebel Alliance. Meanwhile, tiny volunteer-run conventions are like the Shire—friendly and authentic, but lacking modern amenities.

The Origin Story: Captain Steve Kirk

A year ago, Kirk led a normal life. Then, much like Liam Neeson, he realized that his career and passion had given him a very particular set of skills. After a decade as a global executive for PlayStation and two decades building the hacker convention DEF CON from 150 attendees to 25,000, he could bring people together like Captain Kirk and run events with the precision of Spock. A life-long gamer, founder of a lightsaber combat school, host of a Star Wars podcast, and someone who proudly flies the flag of the Rebel Alliance outside his house, he has the geek cred to lead.

So he left his job and gathered the Guardian Council, a dream team of nerds from every fandom, to build InterGalactiCon. Together, this Council has over 100 man-years of experience running conventions and events. The result is an interactive, intimate fandom universe truly made by the fans, for the fans and of the fans. Even the head of the security team, known as “The Keepers,” is a Knight trained in real-world lightsaber combat.

In Swoops InterGalactiCon

“InterGalactiCon is no time to hold back. It’s a place to celebrate with your most imaginative cosplay and ask your geekiest questions,” says Kirk. “It’s a universe where everyone can let their passion shine. Everyone from every tribe: from casual fans to hardcore nerds. Streamers, Titans, Trekkies, 501sters and LARPers. Join the rebellion and be yourself.”

InterGalactiCon will be held at the Town and Country Resort and Convention Center in Mission Valley on June 15 and 16, 2018. All access passes range from $50-90. Passes for younglings, children under twelve, are $10. Learn more at intergalacticonsd.com.

About InterGalactiCon

InterGalactiCon is a new comic convention that opens the door to an intimate universe for nerds, made by fans and for fans. We invite you to Free Your Fandom™ at a con where you can relax, interact, and participate without the stress of larger shows. Join us to geek out on the coolest stuff from every known universe like only we know how. We’re a place for all kinds of fans to gather, see the things they want to see, and have some crazy imaginative fun together. InterGalactiCon launches into the fan galaxy on June 15-16, 2018 at the Town and Country in San Diego, CA. Learn more and get tickets at intergalacticonsd.com.