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The Salvation Army Expands Donation Sites at Oceanside Corps

The Oceanside Corps is now part of The Salvation Army network of Certified Donation Centers throughout the County helping to keep the Adult Rehabilitation Program alive.

Oceanside CA— Expanding their reach to donors in the North County area has been in the works for some time.  And now, The Salvation Army’s very own Corps has made it possible for The Salvation Army Adult Rehabilitation Center (ARC) to open a Certified Donation Collection Center in the parking lot of the Oceanside Corps to better serve North County residents who are looking for a place to bring their donated items.  The site will be open daily from 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

For many, The Salvation Army is right in line with their own personal mission of heling others in need.  We continually thank our donors for their faithful support of an organization whose mission is to serve others, without discrimination.

One in ten adults suffers from alcoholism or drug abuse; 1 in 6 others are affected by it.  “The Salvation Army has been transforming lives and reuniting families for 150 years.  Our message to the community is very simple,” says Major Brian West, Pastor and Administrator of The Salvation Army San Diego ARC.  “Your Donated Goods help us in Doing the Most Good.  Your donations get resold in our 7 San Diego County Family Stores and are the main source of funding for our Adult Rehabilitation Center.”

Some recovery programs can cost upwards of $10K-$50K per month.  The Salvation Army program is FREE to participants.  The Salvation Army has the largest and most successful network of Adult Rehabilitation Centers in the country, with over 150 in the United States alone, serving more than 200 thousand people in recovery each year.  “At the ARC, we believe in restoring individuals to their loved ones through a comprehensive program that includes counseling, work therapy and spiritual development,” continues Major West.

“Looking at the faces of family members touched by a loved one’s newfound sobriety is thanks enough and it is the reason we do what we do,” says Major West.  To understand the scope of the operation, 12,000 meals per month are served to 130 men and women at The Salvation Army Adult Rehabilitation Center, a 6+ month, 12 step, residential rehabilitation facility in Downtown San Diego.

“Our work in the community is ongoing”, says Major West.  “Each year, we have over 100 graduates whose lives are transformed and who are reunited with their families.  In turn, they affect over 700 other lives – that is a community of people with a renewed hope and spirit.  Donated Goods from generous San Diego County residents are what keep our program alive.”

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