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InterGalactiCon Showcases Local Illustrator’s Work to Raise Money for At-Risk Youth Artists

San Diego CA— Nothing pairs better with beer than nerds. That’s why Trekkies, Jedis, Warlocks and cosplayers will gather at Intergalactic Brewery in Mira Mesa for a free art exhibition in anticipation of InterGalactiCon, a new San Diego convention launching this summer. At the April 6 event, the official InterGalactiCon artwork created by renowned illustrator and San Diego local Rocky Roark will be auctioned for charity. Attendees will also join students of Little Fish Comic Book Studio in creating an InterGalactiCon-themed mural live at the event.

Proceeds from the auction will benefit the Kevin Workman Foundation, a nonprofit whose work includes supporting homeless and at-risk youth artists with industry mentors.

“We’re too excited to wait until June 15 for the official InterGalactiCon, so we organized a showcase of Rocky Roark’s incredible InterGalactiCon art series,” says InterGalactiCon founder Steve “Captain” Kirk. “Clearly, the force is strong with Rocky, and suddenly the pieces came together to use the art to raise money for at-risk youth comic artists. The light side prevails again.”

Kirk says involving the budding artists from Little Fish Comic Studio and supporting those involved with the Kevin Workman Foundation made perfect sense.

“InterGalactiCon is more than a convention, it’s a movement by fans, for fans and of fans. These younglings are a part of that cause as much as any of us. A decade from now, we’ll be geeking out about the universes they’ve created.”

Rocky Roark, a well-known animator, designer and Adobe instructor, created a series of illustrations for the inaugural InterGalactiCon that capture the convention’s spirit of diversity, inclusivity and passion for fandom. They feature celebrations of every type of fandom in every medium — from elves, robots and spaceships to video game controllers and laser guns. Limited edition prints will be available for bidding.

“I really wanted to create illustrations that people would proudly wear on a t-shirt or have plastered on their laptops,” said Roark. “We needed to take the style of the illustrations to the next level… I tried to add more depth and detail to the illustrations, but at the same time keep them simple and powerful.”

In addition to prints on sale for silent auction bids, Rocky will address the event attendees to learn about the inspiration behind his artwork. Simultaneously, the youth artists from Little Fish will be painting a conference-themed art mural in collaboration with event attendees.

The pre-InterGalactiCon art exhibition is open to the general public from 6 to 8 p.m. at the Intergalactic Brewing tasting room located on 9715 Carroll Centre Rd #107, San Diego, CA 92126. Admission is free. Learn more and show support on Facebook.

InterGalactiCon launches into the fan galaxy on June 15-16, 2018 at the Town and Country in San Diego, CA. You can learn more and purchase tickets at intergalacticonsd.com.

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