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Why is KOCT Running a Fictional Candidate Campaign Ad and who is Jack Garfield?

Oceanside CA— Over the past 34 years KOCT North County’s own award-winning TV Channel) has produced more election programs then any television station in San Diego County. In April, for example, KOCT’s North County Roundtable will feature three June primary  programs featuring candidates for the 5th District Supervisors, 76th Assembly and 49th Congressional races.

These programs take a tremendous amount of resources to produce: studio time, camera, lighting and sound equipment not to mention staff time. KOCT intends to provide similar programming in the upcoming general Election  . . . that’s why KOCT has turned to Jack Garfield for help.

Jack Garfield* is the star of a new fictional candidate commercial and besides running for office in a mythical city, he is also conveying a message to local candidates, political consultants and campaigns.

The message . . . when you hire KOCT to produce your election digital video, you are also providing the revenue needed to continue to produce election programs for voters about North County candidates and issues.

What KOCT has on offer for a candidate:

  1. Candidate StatementsKOCT helps candidates produce a 5-minute candidate statement spot in their professional studio for only $300. KOCT then posts these spots on their new website: KOCT.ORG
  2. Candidate digital-video commercials – like Jack Garfield, the candidate works with KOCT to produce a professional, informative spot on their candidacy and positions. The candidate can then post his or her digital video on their website or social media pages at a less expensive cost than for-profit production studios (KOCT cannot air these election commercials)

To find out more about KOCT Election season production services call their Executive Director, Tom Reeser at KOCT: 760-722-4433 or send an e-mail to Senior Producer Jacob Rush at jrush@koct.org

Be an informed voter by Watching KOCT-North County’s Channel at KOCT.ORG

  • Jack is actually Voice of North County Host John Bonosoro
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