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Rehab Facility Promotes Former Patient to Executive Team

Bryan C. Sharp now leads admissions at Pacific Bay Recovery, the same addiction treatment facility he attended to recover from an opioid dependency
Sharp to pair personal experience with his executive career skills to impact San Diego’s drug crisis

San Diego County CA— In an effort to respond to San Diego’s drug crisis and the immediate need to improve opportunities for access and admission to treatment programs, Pacific Bay Recovery has enriched its executive team. Dr. Michael S. Duffy, Sr., D.O., medical director of Pacific Bay Recovery, announces the appointment of Bryan Sharp to the position of vice president of admissions.

Sharp joined the Pacific Bay Recovery team in 2012 accomplishing various duties throughout the organization, most recently as director of admissions. “This work is my passion, and the people we help are in dire need of a second chance at living addiction-free,” said Sharp.

Sharp has experience as both a counselor and intake specialist on the recovery side, as well as experience as a patient. After enduring eight back surgeries, he developed a narcotic dependency which took control of his life.

“That was a low point for me. My addiction to narcotics caused me to be bound to a wheelchair,” said Sharp.  “Pacific Bay Recovery not only changed my life – it saved my life.”

Currently, opioid and illicit drug use in San Diego is at an all-time high. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), one of every three patients who is prescribed a 30-day supply of opioids for the first time are found to be addicted to them one year later.

“This is a crisis impacting our mothers, our fathers, our brothers, our sisters and our children. It’s an urgent call to San Diego citizens to understand addiction, recognize it, and seek help,” said Duffy.

Sharp says that Duffy used a “tough love” approach to get him to seek treatment.

“Dr. Duffy told me that if I continued down my current path, I was going to die,” said Sharp. “Those are tough words to hear, but they were necessary. If it wasn’t for his intervention, I probably wouldn’t be here now.”

After being clean for more than a year, Sharp was asked to join the Pacific Bay Recovery marketing and business development team.

“Today, I lead the admissions team and wake up every day knowing that I can change someone’s life,” said Sharp. “That is my gift back to all those who are willing to choose life.”