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(Photo courtesy: Our Lady of Peace)

Maria Shriver Joins Academy of Our Lady of Peace for Exclusive Speaking Engagement

San Diego CA— The Academy of Our Lady of Peace, welcomed the New York Times best-selling author and former First Lady of California Maria Shriver for an exclusive Architects of Change LIVE speaking engagement in March.

Architects of Change is a program designed to, “inspire you to challenge what is, imagine what can be, then create what you envision.” The premise of the Live Conversation series is to engage with others in an intimate setting because when people come together to listen and share, “minds open, hearts move and change happens.” Taking part in these conversations inspires us to become Architects of Change ourselves and to make a difference in the world.

Attendees had the opportunity to engage with the award-winning journalist and producer while she shared her thoughts on everything from her new book, I’ve Been Thinking…Reflections, Prayers and Meditations for a Meaningful Life; conquering fears and self-doubt; and the role of faith in her life. This intimate conversation was a surreal experience that deeply inspired the OLP community.

OLP has worked in partnership with Shriver Media since November 2016 as the first school to implement the Architects of Change program. Since that time, the school has hosted bi-annual Live Conversations on campus, as well as monthly digital features that focus on Architects of Change whose story and forward motion provides compelling inspiration to our community.

This event also highlighted the remarkable talents of our students. Students from the Architects of Change club on campus managed all aspects of the event, including research, planning, communication, strategy, and the interview itself. Students also facilitated audience questions, greeted visitors, and welcomed Ms. Shriver and her guests to campus. No event highlights the leadership, poise, and professionalism of the AOC students like the live conversation events. At the heart of this club are student leaders working not only with their peers but also with the community as a whole. The OLP community would like to thank Maria Shriver for a powerful and inspiring conversation. You are truly a role model for all our Pilots!