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Oceanside Parks and Recreation Master Plan Survey

Oceanside CA— The City of Oceanside has commissioned an update to its Master Plan of Parks and Recreation.  Community input is an important part of this process and helps the City tailor the plan to best reflect the community’s desires and needs.

A random sample survey of residents is in its implementation stage and the responses will provide statistically valid results.  The results of this survey will provide critical information in determining community values, satisfaction levels, needs and priorities, and demographics for the City’s long-term planning efforts.  Questions seek information about what types of programs, facilities, and services residents want in their parks system and how to prioritize them.

The Master Plan Update project is led by KTUA with surveys and data assessment performed by RRC Associates.  A total of 5,000 households were mailed a survey and the City requests the participation of those households that are in receipt of this survey.  Surveys can be completed one of two ways; complete the mailed form and return it in the stamped envelope or follow the website information below to complete the survey online.

Results of the survey will be posted in the coming summer months at the following webpage:


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