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Notes and Quotes: May 5, 2018

Pity the English Language Student

By Tom Morrow

It has been said Russian and Chinese are two of the hardest languages to master. But, consider someone trying to learn English.

Confusion is one of descriptions often uttered by students of English. Consider these words that sound and/or are spelled the same, but have different meanings.

Read, Read, Reed, or Red – Imagine the confusion to a beginner. We all know the first is to understand words; the second is the completion of said “reading.” The third is a leaf growing in a pond or along the shoreline. Red is a color, which is pronounced the same as the first three. Enough to make anyone crazy.

Resume or Resume’ – Both are pronounced the same – the first is the continue, the second is a biographical summary of one’s work and educational experience. Who cam up with that one?

See and Sea – The first is to look, the second is a body of water. Of course.

I, Aye, or Eye – The first is reference to one’s self; the second is a naval acknowledgement of an order, and the third is a body part in which to see (not sea).

And the list goes on, such as: Maid or Made, Hare or Hair, Ate or Eight, Their or There, To or Two, and one of the most confusing is Fine or Fine (feeling good or paying a penalty).

If you’re helping someone to learn English, be patient – it ain’t easy.


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