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California Pacific Airlines has New Investor

Dougherty Real Estate, Inc. Announces Innovative Finance Collaboration

Real Estate Commissions to be Invested in Airline Start-Up

Carlsbad CA— Dougherty Real Estate, Inc. (DRE 01993267), a boutique real estate brokerage establishing a new presence in North County, will be investing earned real estate brokerage commissions in the start-up of California Pacific Airlines operating out of Carlsbad-Palomar Airport. Profits earned from investment in the airline will be distributed to Dougherty Real Estate, Inc. clients to offset real estate transaction costs incurred by clients in the purchase or sale of their home.

The real estate offering was developed to lower the net cost of selling or buying a home in an increasingly expensive housing market. A typical North County home selling for $700,000 can generate up to $42,000 in earned brokerage fees. That typical transaction would also generate an investment in the airline in the range of $35,000. Profits from the investment would be distributed to Dougherty Real Estate, Inc. clients to offset the client’s costs of the home sale. The value-added real estate brokerage offering has no cost or risk to real estate clients.

The decision to deploy earned brokerage revenues in support of California Pacific Airlines was made in the belief the time has arrived for reliable scheduled passenger air services out of Carlsbad-Palomar Airport. It is anticipated the investment strategy is likely to lead to lower finance costs for the airline and support early operational stability.

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