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Notes and Quotes-May 19, 2018

There always was one around somewhere

By Tom Morrow

When I was growing up, the term “bootlegger” was occasionally used referring to a few people who dealt in the illegal distribution of alcohol during the Prohibition days of the ‘20s and ‘30s. But, where did that term come from?

It is believed “bootlegger” originally comes from as far back as the 1850s, when a few states were “dry,” meaning alcoholic beverages were prohibited. But, there’s always someone willing to provide what is desired by more than a few. For around 25 cents, a person could get a “swig” (drink) of whiskey by approaching the illegal provider walking on the street, who had a small bottle tucked down inside his boot. Money was paid, bottle retrieved, and after a quick drink, bottle was tucked back down the leg and the two would continue on their separate ways.

SCAG SEZ – “Where there’s a will … you’ll usually find an attorney representing some unhappy heirs.” – Cecil Scaglione, Mature Life Features

FROM HISTORY – In June 1941, Britain’s King George VI, wrote to President Franklin Roosevelt: “I have been so struck by the way you have led public opinion by allowing it to get ahead of you.”

WILL ROGERS – “Good judgment comes from experience, and a lot of that comes from bad judgment.”

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