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Notes and Quotes-June 9, 2018

Exchanging Sea Stories With a Democrat

By Tom Morrow

In 1984, Astronaut-U.S. Senator John Glenn, D-Ohio, made a run for the presidency. It would be short-lived, but I had a chance meeting with him at the famed Hotel del Coronado where I was vice president of communications.

Glenn was there for a fund-raising luncheon hosted by hotel owner Larry Lawrence. Because of my position, I was invited to attend, even though I was a known Republican.

Lawrence led Glenn around to each table introducing him. When he got to my table I made a remark that stopped Glenn in his tracks.

“Senator, when you were whizzing around the world in your space capsule, I was out in the middle of the Pacific on a Navy radar-picket plane, standing by in case you needed some help.”

When I said I had flown out of Midway Island, he recalled how he had been stationed on the small atoll as a Marine pilot during World War II. We chatted for about five minutes making Larry extremely nervous. A Republican was holding up the the candidate, exchanging Navy-Marine stories while a room full of Democrats was waiting to meet him – and maybe give him some campaign money.

I told Glenn I was a Republican, to which he busted out laughing – he saw the humor in it, Lawrence wasn’t amused.

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