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New Orleans Bred Band ‘Water Seed’ at the Pour House- July 19

Oceanside CA— New Orleans Bred Band ‘Water Seed’ announced a new tour to support their just released album ‘Say Yeah!!! Live At The Blue Nile’. The group will be in Oceanside July 19 at the Pour House, 1903 S. Coast Hwy. Showtime is 8:00pm.

New Orleans is more than gumbo, Mardi Gras, the French quarter, and drive through margarita bars. The heartbeat of the city has always been music. Music represents so much in the “big easy,” especially when it incorporates the melting pot of French, African and American cultures as New Orleans bred band Water Seed has. As drummer and bandleader Lou Hill said to GambitWeekly, “There’s no place like New Orleans to play music.”

As a Thank You to the city that helped raised them, Water Seed is released their second – and first live – album, SAY YEAH!!! LIVE AT THE BLUE NILE out June 1 on Water Seed Music. “After touring from coast to coast we wanted to give our fans a special treat, a live album.  Once the decision was made it was a no brainer, we had to record in New Orleans,” explained Lou. Joined by vocalist Berkley the Artist, pianist J Sharp, flautist Cinese and vocalist Shaleyah, Water Seed has been at the forefront of the New Orleans music scene with a rapidly growing fanbase worldwide with their relentless touring schedule.

Water Seed has brought their funk to many stages, including New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival, the New Orleans Essence Festival, a three-month residency in Russia, and the Apollo Theater, but it was at the legendary Blue Nile venue that the band decided to record their first live album. Located in the heart of the historic Frenchmen Street, countless funk, soul and brass shows have made their way on to the Blue Nile stage. “We recorded SAY YEAH!!! On August 19, 2017. For many reasons Blue Nile has served as our public laboratory of funk,” said Lou. “We recorded this album on the only week we were off this summer. Basically, the only week that we could have spent away from each other, we decided to record!”

The band’s last album, WE ARE STARS, hit the Billboard Top 40 and opened Water Seed up to a wider audience, with Offbeat magazine saying, “Constantly upbeat, improvisational only within a rigid groove and structure, Water Seed is a big funk party band with a purpose.”  Many of the tracks on this live release are from WE ARE STARS. “For the most part, SAY YEAH!!! Is a live version of WE ARE STARS.  This album is pure energy, skill and love.  We wanted to remove the studio veil and present those tunes as new,” said Lou.  Fan faves include “Work It Out,” a retro pop-rock song with an unstoppable beat, “Messed Up,” an unabashed apology to an ex, “Funktimus Prime,” a funk-rock showdown led by horn, bass and guitar and “Open Sesame,” a dance funk jam that is the true DNA of the Water Seed sound.

What better way to promote a live record than with some live dates? Water Seed will be touring North America throughout the summer, starting off in New Orleans (of course) and making their way through the West coast before ending in August on the East. Playing live is where this band glows, and, in fact, what inspired the name of this latest Water Seed release. “While we were watching some video footage, we noticed that we would get in to a call and response with our audience “Everybody say “Yeah!!!”  …. “Yeah!!!!” We love the exchange and getting the crowd the participate in the show. The ‘call’ always opens the door to what’s in store. It’s our welcome mat that lets the crows know they can come on in.”