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Notes and Quotes- July 7, 2018

By Tom Morrow

If you haven’t been paying attention, there’s a lot of lope-sided points-of-views being taught in our colleges across the country these days and there’s no counter opinions for youngster to make balanced decisions.

Anyone with ideas or viewpoints other than what many college teachers are advocating are being banned from even coming on campuses to give their point-of-view. So much for freedom of speech.

In some instances, the left-wingers demand we NOT use any words with “male” or “man” in it because it might offend someone. It’s “prejudicial.” Some colleges have “crying rooms” where students who have been stressed or overcome by the events of the day can go to “recuperate.” What’s next? Stress days off where workers can take the afternoon or day off because they don’t like or are offended by what they hear on television or read in the newspaper?

An informal poll was taken recently in a “person” on the street format asking college-age kids if they were proud to be an American. All of them in a short TV sample answered “No,” they weren’t proud. I don’t think most of these youngsters are learning this viewpoint at home.

It’s apparent most of the current 18 to 20 somethings are choosing a liberal-socialist-progressive point-of-view. It’s their right, but they should come to that decision after hearing all points-of-view so they can make up their own minds instead of parroting what they’re learning from one-way thinking college professors. Keeping an open mind does wonders for one’s point-of-view toward America and the world around them.

THE DIFFERENCE – A man I once knew had been extremely liberal in his thinking and then one day he flipped to the conservative viewpoint. I asked a mutual friend what had caused this dramatic change? ‘Oh, he bought an apartment building and has started paying taxes.

 SCAG SEZ: “The thing everybody should learn from history is that nobody learns anything from history.” – Cecil Scaglione, MatureLifeFeatures.com

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