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Notes and Quotes-July 21, 2018

History often is forgotten … if ever learned at all

By Tom Morrow

Show me someone who is bored with history and I’ll show you a person who had a boring history teacher.

Some of the world’s most fascinating stories can be found in history books … some are even true. (Historians often make up their own versions of events.)

Those of you who are shocked into disbelief about the antics of our current President might be interested to know he isn’t the first chief executive to “startle” the nation. There are two I can think of who created chaos of their own: Andrew Jackson and Teddy Roosevelt.

Andrew Jackson is important to U.S. history because he has influenced so many future presidents. For example, in the incident with South Carolina where SC wanted to secede, Jackson issues the Doctrine of Nullification and was ready to use military force to keep them in the union. this has influenced future presidents like Lincoln to preserve the union. Also, Jackson was one of the first presidents truly for the common man In addition, he advocated for western expansion by passing the Indian removal act. This allowed settlers to travel more freely without the hazard of Indian raids.

Roosevelt, affectionately known as “T.R.,” became the bitter foe of big business as he became known as the “Trust Buster.” He forced huge corporations to be broken up into small enities, thus reducing the “monopoly” aspect of big business. Standard Oil was one of the leading victims of T.R.’s crusade against big business.

Roosevelt was the perfect example of political backfire. New York Republicans were so fed up with then-Governor Teddy Roosevelt’s crusade against big business, banking, and government power, they made sure he was nominated as William McKinley’s vice president. Shortly after the election, McKinley was assassinated and T.R. became President. Then the fun began.

Wanna know more about tariff’s, executive orders, vetoes? T.R. and Andy Jackson raised their own kind of hell – in many ways Trump hasn’t thought of as yet. Get the biographies of Jackson and TR for some fascinating and fun reading.

REMEMBER WHEN – Flour mills used printed floral designs on their flour sacks in the thirties and the forties? Cash-poor moms across the nation used them to make dresses and shirts for their children.
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